Infrastructure & Construction

Eurobend is a leading European manufacturer of high quality CNC Machines for the Rebar Processing and wire processing Industry. Eurobend’s range of equipment includes the following machines -

Rebar processing equipment

  • 2-D & 3-D re-bar bending machines
  • Single line & Multi-line rebar straightening & cutting machines
  • Continuous stirrup (Spiral) machines
  • Fixed and moving Shear lines
  • Twin-head re-bar benders

Mesh welding lines

  • Flexible and high output production of welded mesh in sheets and rolls
  • Automatic production of wall reinforcements, ladder and truss mesh
  • High output production of bar supports
  • High output production of lattice girders
  • Automatic production of cage assemblies
  • Automatic production of dowel side-frames and dowel baskets

Wire-Tube processing equipment

  • Single-line & Multi-line straightening & cutting machines
  • Single line 2-D & 3-D Wire bending machines
  • Multi-line 2-D & 3-D wire bending machines
  • Wire frame forming machines
  • 2-D & 3-D single-line and multi-line tube forming machines
  • Tube straightening machines

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