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  • Today India is changing and is becoming the land of opportunities. The pace at which India is growing, I can say with confidence that it will remain so far decades to come. India remains one of the top three destinations even in recessionary conditions and we are determined to maintain that position.

Minister for Commerce and Industry
Why India?

The Indian economy is currently ranked as the 3rd largest in the world by purchasing power parity (GDP by PPP in 2011- US$ 4.45 trillion) and has been growing rapidly in recent years at an average growth rate of about 7%.Among the growing economies of the world, India is second only to China.

The country ranks higher than many advanced countries in key parameters such as domestic market (rank 4th), and also has a sound financial market and a strong banking sector.

Increasing urbanization and modern technology have brought about a remarkable change in the lifestyles and consumption pattern of Indians. Private domestic consumption accounts for more than 50% of the country’s GDP and is one of the key factors driving overseas investments in the county.

There are great opportunities for doing business in India, in almost all sectors and industries. If your company currently has no presence or business in India, you may be missing out. Contact us to find out how Technicom can help!